Merauke Gyrinops Agarwood Chips Incense


Rare Merauke Gyrinops

Weight: 20g

Size: medium-big chips

Grade: Medium

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Merauke gyrinops is considered very rare.

We come across this very rare batch on our trip to Indonesia last year.

This batch comes from a tree that is partially burried underground.

Some of the tree is still alive, which means this batch contains a mix of dead and living wood chips.

Aroma-wise, it’s the grassiest merauke batch we’ve ever smelled – this should come from the living wood part. Overall, the scent is sweet-vanilla-y, grassy and minty. It’s also got that unique gyrinops aroma.

Once off opportunity. We can’t guarantee we’d find something like this ever again in the future. Grab it while you can.

We also have the mini chips available, coming from this very same batch.


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